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Andrés R. Saravia

PhD Student in Computer Science

Who I am.

My name is Andrés Román Saravia. I am a PhD student in Computer Science (CS) and Master Degree student in Applied Mathematics at FaMAF-UNC, Argentina. I finished my Master thesis in CS (titled "Tableaux calculus for elementary formulae in Separation Logics") in 2020 under the supervision of Raul Fervari at FaMAF-UNC, Argentina.

My interests in research include:

  • Modal Logics, Model theory, Proof theory and Computational complexity.
  • Dynamic Logics, Epistemic Logics, Separation Logics, Knowledge representation and Automated deduction.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Simulation.

Member of the Logics, Interaction and Intelligent Systems (LIIS) group, at FaMAF-UNC (Argentina).


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